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Aeternum Ascension - Endgame Guild on Begeren Colony
Aeternum Ascension is an endgame guild on the Republic side of the server Begeren Colony. We are currently looking for people who are interested in creating a tight-knit, awesome raid team. Aeternum Ascension is also participating to planetary conquest, and reach the top ten of the planet we invade.

Recruitment Policy
All drama-free people interested in joining a progression group, or just casual raiders that want to have fun.

Daily raids
Look at the schedule and sign up for raids, all members of the guild are welcome to attend.

Loot rules
The main idea is one token/person per run. People that haven't got a specific piece yet have priority on the need roll. For example, if unassembled gloves drop, whoever doesn't have the gloves and hasn't won a roll can need on them. We can sometimes need for off spec/alt if these conditions are met:

-No main spec needs the token.
-The person or people that need it for main already got 1 token.

-You need it for off spec.

-You have not gotten a token yet.

This way main specs get priority over off specs and the 1 token per run rule is upheld.

Teamspeak Server
We have our own Teamspeak server. It will be shared and is open to all guild members. Ask the leaders about it.

Guild Rules
We accept mature endgamers of all classes, levels, and races. Once admitted, members of the guild are expected to abide by a few rules and display common sense in their actions. Members are expected to participate in guild-sponsored events when possible.

See the rank page for more information about guild ranks.

  1. Respect other players at all times, especially guild-mates.
  2. Limit text-speak to a minimum (e.g. i c wut u did thar).
  3. Alts are welcome to join the guild.
  4. Racism, sexism, or any other form of hate-speech will not be tolerated.
  5. Watch your language - to an extent, profanity and sexuality are tolerated, but don't go over the top. Try to keep guildchat PG-13, occasional R is okay, but let's attempt to avoid NC-17 for the most part.
  6. Guild-Chat is out of Character.
  7. Try to help guild members and answer questions when possible. At the same time, guildchat is not the SWTOR FAQ, use google responsibly.
  8. When running flashpoints with a guild group, try to keep the loot fairly distributed (if you've won something, consider rolling greed to give others of your class a chance to get gear as well). We have our loot rules for Operations.
  9. Once you join the guild, read the new player guide, it explains how we work.
  10. Be Mature.
  11. AA as a guild doesn't condone or punish the use of cheats, exploits, etc. We don't encourage them either, so if you want to use them you do so behind closed doors and under your own risk.

Advancement and Ranks
Advancement within the guild is based on attendance, participation in guild-chat, participation on the website, professionalism, and perceived leadership ability, among other things. We do evaluate officer applications when deciding who to promote, but note that officers are generally hand picked for specific tasks.
Rank Page
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